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Safeguarding the environment is my battle and art is my passion

A 10-Years Artistic Journey:

From Georgia to Indonesia, Combating Single-Use Plastic Pollution Through Enviromental Art

Welcome to my corner of creativity!

I'm Maria Nissan, an environmental Assyrian artist born and raised in the US, on a mission to tackle single-use plastic pollution through my art.

Since 2016, I've been pouring my heart into creating pieces that not only celebrate my love for nature but also advocate for feminism and honor my cultural heritage. From Europe to the Middle East and South-East Asia, my art has taken me on an incredible journey.

In 2019, I launched MicroPlasticsJO, a non-profit organization based in Georgia focused on hosting environmental workshops.


Our goal?

To inspire a plastic-conscious mindset through the power of education and art.

Let's see how we can collaborate on

If you have any questions about my art or my dedication to fostering more responsible behaviors towards plastic, feel free to reach out here

Maria Nissan


Maria Nissan artist


Maria Nissan Plastic drawing

Plastic drawings


My non-profit

Maria Nissan Plastic installation

Plastic installations

Maria Nissan Media


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